I’m Steve Dalton and welcome to my personal blog. If you want to find my work stuff, head to Refactor, AiKademi or Gold Coast TechSpace.

Some people also know me as “spidie” - so just to clarify, this was a childhood nickname as my legs were like a spider, it also included my initials SPD and I happen to like Spiderman and spiders in general. So it works!

“Dalts” - well that was my other nickname for obvious reasons. So - naming all cleared up!

Barcamp Gold Coast this Sunday

Just a quick reminder that Barcamp Gold Coast is on again this weekend. A few people couldn’t make Saturday so we are trialling running it on a Sunday this time. The day will take place at the Gold Coast TechSpace again which is at 3b/51 Johnston St, Southport just behind the Johnston St Cafe (map here) To RSVP please go here Our sponsors are again: Dundas Lawyers (Coffee) Ninefold (Lunch) Freetronics (Prizes and giveaways). [Read More]

Noteboard OLPC Project at Griffith Uni

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of 4 Griffith University Gold Coast Students Yukito Tsunoda, Harold Haigh, Ben Cowley & Maryam Nemati. They have been working on an OLPC Activity “NoteBoard” as part of their Industry project. The students developed the activity based on specs supplied by Sridhar at OLPC Australia. This approach differs from some of the other OLPC Activities in that it was based on a real customer need rather than the meandering evolution that we sometimes see with some of these projects. [Read More]

Happy Geek Pride Day!

Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! Today is a perfect day to: Tell people all about Gold Coast Tech Space.... spread the word, point them at http://gctechspace.org or better still get them to join our meetup group http://meetup.com/gctechspace Join Gold Coast TechSpace - all the info you need is at http://gctechspace.org/membership/ - membership is just $40/month or $20/month for Students/Concessions Support our crowdsourced shelving project at http://ipledg.com/projects/gc-techspace-storage1/347, we are now half way through our funding application and every little bit helps. [Read More]

Podcasting at Conferences

For podcast hosts out there that attend conferences, especially those that only do Face-to-Face interviews like us, I'd so recommend making the most of these moments. You get to speak to people you wouldn't normally come in contact with, plus you get to ride on the coat-tails of the buzz that the conference creates.  Craig and I have experienced this recently attending Open Source Developers Conference and YOW, recording for our podcast Coding By Numbers. [Read More]

gr8confau call for presentations now open

We are pleased to announce that the CFP for gr8confau is now open. Gr8 Conference Australia will be held on 15th November 2011 at ANU (Australian National University), Canberra As this is our first time running the conference in Australia, it will be run as a mini-conf of Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) 2011 which runs for the entire week from 14th -18th November. To attend the gr8 conference you will need to have a ticket for OSDC (which is very reasonably priced) or pay a small fee (expected to be around $50) for a miniconf ticket. [Read More]

The Lean Lego Game at Exite

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the E.X.I.T.E camp for girls at Bond University. Exite is a programme organised by IBM and has the aim of encouraging girls to pursue careers in engineering and technology. Our local event is organised by Carol Woodhouse at the Gold Coast IBM Lab. I was going to do a programming exercise, but in the end I chose something more hands on a did " [Read More]

Single parenting - it ain't easy!

This week I completely take my hat off to single parents, especially those with more than one kid. It certainly isn't easy juggling parenting, work and general day to day stuff when there is only one of you. My wife's been away for the last 3 days and I've discovered this first hand - it's certainly doable, but you end up with no...zero....zilch time to yourself and this can't be good for your state of mind. [Read More]

First CodingByNumbers meetup on golang

@aspinall and I have finally got around to arranging our own meetup. It’s based around a lot of the things we talk about on the podcast, but we are trying to focus on all the topics that none of the other meetups cover (we’ll leave the Java stuff to QLDJVM). We are holding the meetings at Brisbane Square (Suncorp, L28) on the 2nd Monday of each month and the first meetup (March 14th) is on #golang. [Read More]

Coding By Numbers lca.conf.au wrap-up episode

I didn’t get a chance to do any blogging at linux.conf.au this year - not even a wrap-up, but perhaps this is better. We did a codingbynumbers wrap-up episode where we summarized our time at the conf.

In case you were wondering where the PHP episode is that I recorded at LCA - that’s the next episode, thought we’d get this one out quickly first.