steve blank

Our first lecture in the Steve Blank Lean Startups Course is this Wednesday at 8am. Please be on time and be prepared for an awesome course. Please RSVP

I’ve watched ahead on the first lecture to get a feel for it - and it looks excellent.

Would be great if all those attending watch Lecture 0 in their own time. You can get to it via the Classroom page, the video links are on the right-hand-side. It’s very short and just gives you an intro to what the course is about.

I will print off some Business Model templates in A3 in preparation for our first exercise. I also have plenty of post-its.

Following the first lecture I’ll probably set up a separate google group so we can all discuss the course without disturbing the others on this mailing list. I have it all setup on the big TV and we’ll probably just sit informally on the couches to watch.

If anyone has any ideas for startups that they would like to form a team on, please bring along to the meeting to put forward. It’s ok for people to not do startups and just watch the lectures, and also to work on your own solo - but Steve advises starting a team to get the most of the course, so if there are enough people who want this, it would be good to have some ideas to kick around.