After a very long absence (yes - it’s over 7 years!), I’ve decided to revive this blog. This was partially to do with the fact that my old blog was written in Octopress, and while it still worked fine, it’s now way out of maintenance - but also because I wouldn’t mind collecting my thoughts somewhere and not everything is all about the day job eh!

Anyway - this was possibly overkill but I didn’t want to lose the old posts, so migrated everything over to Hugo, a great static site generator written in Go and now host on the awesome gitlab pages. The Hugo conversion was reasonably easy - except for Markdown syntax has changed considerable over the years - I considered writing a converter but in the end settled for an hour of mindless find-and-replace and editor foo. Some posts have broken links (we sadly lost the coding by numbers podcasts - or at least not in an easy place), I will try and fix this later, but for the moment I will just have to apologise ahead for that - you still get the gist of it!

Much has changed in the last 7 years, but also after reading the old posts, a lot hasn’t, which was slightly nice to see in a weird sort of way!