Cape Foulwind - Pancake Rocks - Greymouth

Cape Foulwind - Pancake Rocks - Greymouth Backtracked a bit to Taranga Bay where the Seal Colony was. Seal pups just being born around this time of the year - so was pretty cool to see a few of the little ones are about. The viewing platform are right out of the way of them, so people can't get too close and disrupt them like we have seen elsewhere. [Read More]

Kaikoura - Blenheim

Kaikoura - Blenheim. Carla always comments that we don't take enough pictures of her, so today's photo is of my lovely wife with the Seaward Kaikoura Range in the background.  Had a little more of a walk around the other side of the Kaikoura peninsula - just a short one, we are pretty limited with our walks at the moment with a 2 year old. Picked up a hitch-hiker on the way back into town - a Frenchman we had said hi to earlier. [Read More]

Christchurch - Kaikoura

Christchurch - Kaikoura. Finally we are on the road! The camper is HUGE and really is like driving a bus. I started driving from Christchurch, but once Carla got behind the wheel she was having so much fun I was passenger for the rest of the trip. I think we are going to be fighting for the drivers seat. Roads are pretty good in NZ, they aren't massive highways but everyone is pretty safe. [Read More]