Fox Glacier - Wanaka

Fox Glacier - Wanaka Started the day with a Hike to Fox Glacier. The smaller of the 2 glaciers here in NZ - but you can get closer easier. It's about an hour walk - and it got really hot (didn't help that I carried Keira most of the way). The view at the end is pretty good for a short walk. Met some Brits on the trail (from Burnley) and they were disappointed - apparently in Europe they are much bigger and you can get right up to them. [Read More]

Franz Josef Glacier - Fox Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier - Fox Glacier One thing I've never done in my life is fly in a helicoptor. I've been secretly wanting to fly over the Franz Josef for a while (sorry to all my green friends - I know this is probably not very environmentally friendly, but I am on a driving holiday here - so I'll use up all my credits here and be good next year). [Read More]

Greymouth - Hokatika - Ross - Franz Josef Glacier

Greymouth - Hokatika - Ross - Franz Josef Glacier A lot of driving today and a certain child was pretty naughty today so lots of very little stops and driving driving driving. Hokatika is a nice little town, we stopped for diesel and drove right on. Next was Ross, we stopped there because our friend Trevor Ross from NZ recommended it and the local pub. In no mood to do this though so we had a quick look around the gold mining museum before another meltdown (the children kind, not forging gold or anything). [Read More]