Lake Pukake - Lake Tekapo - Little River

Spent some time this morning at the Salmon Farm that we were staying at - fed the King Salmon which the kids enjoyed. I'm usually quite wary of fish farms, but this looks to be a really good one. Highest altitude Salmon farm on earth, the fish get a good workout due to the fast flowing water and the water quality is as good as it get's. These guys provide sashimi Salmon to the Emporer of Japan so I'm guessing the quality is good.

Then on over to Lake Tekapo - far more touristy than Pukake. I know which Lake I preferred.

Back in the van for a big drive over to Akaroa. We freecamped again at a Native Parks site at Little River. Nice little spot behind the pub but we got eaten alive by Mosquitoes. These buggers were much more persistent than the sandflys - they were somehow getting into the van to suck our blood, I had no idea where - must have been a hole somewhere in the defenses!

(ps. there was also a helipad for tours right next to our van spot at the farm - hence the picture).