(Another) big break. My plan for Jan!

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and also my last day of work for a month. It's a long story as to why I am off for another month, but I'm planning on using the time wisely - well that is the plan anyway! So here's my plan - I'm writing it down here so that I might actually stand a chance of sticking to it: [Read More]

Take a (Big) Break

First day back after the holiday today and my first task of the day... a toastmasters talk. What was I thinking of doing my final talk (Exercise 10 - The Inspirational Talk) the day after a holiday? I'd planned to prepare the talk while I was away but just didn't get any time.... so as usual I winged it. Put about 35 slides together of my holiday for a 10 minute talk. [Read More]

The fifth day

Ever since about 2005 I've only worked 4 days (or less) a week. It's only in the last year I’ve had to go back to 5. When I worked 4 - I LOVED my 5th day off... it's great being able to get all those odd jobs done. You know - those things that either spoil your weekend (waiting in queues) or you end up trying to squeeze them in during your lunch hour or the working day as they are only weekday things. [Read More]