First day back after the holiday today and my first task of the day... a toastmasters talk. What was I thinking of doing my final talk (Exercise 10 - The Inspirational Talk) the day after a holiday?

I'd planned to prepare the talk while I was away but just didn't get any time.... so as usual I winged it.

Put about 35 slides together of my holiday for a 10 minute talk.... spent about an hour of prep and no notes. My intro was basically around me being a work-a-holic with the highlights of the trip in the middle with plenty of humour, and a conclusion encouraging everyone to take a break.... take a big break.

Anyway - it went pretty well I think (why do my unprepared talks go so much better?!) and I think the message got through loud and clear..... Taking a decent length holiday is good.... gives you time to forget the everyday busyness of life and disconnect.

On my return - all the stresses and backlog are still there (and often bigger) but I find I'm looking at them all with new-found relaxation and motivation. Let's hope it lasts.... ;)