Flying with Kids

Flying with Kids It's been a while, but we are flying with kids again... this time 2! The last time we flew was when my eldest was about 9 months to the UK and it was a complete nightmare to say this least. This time we were determined to have a better time of it. We arrived early - we had the little trunki ride-on suitcases which the kids absolutely loved and we seemed to attract the attention of the whole airport. [Read More]

Leave em to it!

Leave em to it! I was recently inspired to pull out the XOs again - they had been sitting on my shelf doing nothing and I thought I should make use of them. Anyway - I've given one to @aspinall for his daughter and one to my son Jaron (5).  I've pretty much just left him to it, and he's steadily working it out. Anyway, tonight I find him in his room playing around with the speech application. [Read More]