Arduino controlled Raspberry PI Pandora Radio

We have a nicely running little Raspberry PI that we use as a Pandora radio at the Gold Coast TechSpace. It’s a great setup and people have enjoyed upping and downing tracks on the playlists to get a good mix of tunes that we all like. We run the pianobar application which gives a really simple command line interface that works beautifully with us. I wanted to make it even better by having some big buttons that people could hit to like/dislike a track or just move on to the next (don’t want to ban it - just tired of it). [Read More]

Gold Coast TechSpace Storage

One of my big projects over the last year outside of my day job has been helping to setup the Gold Coast TechSpace. It’s been a really rocky ride; things like this are really difficult to setup in a place like the Gold Coast and it’s been a huge learning experience for myself and the founding committee. However, it does feel like we are over the hump now with people starting to get what we are trying to achieve and a handful of loyal members paying a membership fee of $40/month ($20 for students) to help cover our rent. [Read More]