I'm playing around with a new DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) called "Fossil" at the moment. So far I really like it.

If you are familiar with git and mercurial then you'll find the source control part pretty similar to what you are used to. What makes fossil rather special is that it is also a bug tracker and wiki too, and these are also distributed. Clever eh!

Once you have a repo setup you can also just type fossil ui and you get a very nice (simple but very functional) web interface for your repo. If you want to run it as a fully blown server just type fossil server and you have a server running on 8080 - you can then easily put this up on your own server either standalone or CGI.

My next task is to see if I can easily adapt it to suit Agile projects better - ie. different issue types and switch severities for MOSCOW severities. As a little side project I am also looking to see if I can adapt it to use as a little GTD tool but that might be pushing it a little. An tips much appreciated.