Christchurch Day 1. 

Christchurch is lovely.... I really really like it actually. Kind of like Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon (it even has a river Avon - with Punting!!!) but on the opposite side of the globe. Very friendly people - this tram driver Vern (and his conductor George) were particularly nice to Jaron and I and let us ride up front in the 100 year old tram - Jaron was a little in awe, but loved it. 

There's a little talk about the earthquake (and some old building being torn down) but people on the whole seem to be taking it all in their stride and moving on - good on them (and tradesmen must be LOVIN it!)

I'll try not to mention this again (Carla already probably sick of me talking about it) - but so far, New Zealand seems so British (sorry to Kiwis reading this who might be offended by that!). Lovely parks with weeping willows, lush grass (actually saw SPRINKLERS in the botanical gardens today!), colonial stone buildings - plenty of history and respect for heritage (both colonial and indigenous).

It's kind of what I naively expected Australia to be like before I moved there.